About my blog

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, One with Life, and thank you for joining the family.

For those who have been here for a while, you will know that this is a new name & this is because I am on the way to rebranding our blog to encapsulate what I like writing about. The nature of my content will not change much; I will still be honest and stay true to myself, and even more transparent and vulnerable than I have been in the past two years.

A little update: I am very excited  to say that I was nominated by my wonderful community, you (in case you didn’t know) for the Blogger of the year award in 2019, an award run by The Tribe of Influencers Zimbabwe. This made me so happy and I was quite overwhelmed simply because I was not expecting to be nominated alongside some amazing Zimbabwean bloggers..

Anyway, this blog is just a young assemblage of the things that make me happy, stories, reflections, recipes and so forth. I am on a  journey where I draw wisdom from small things I see, do or hear- and this is just one platform for me to share these little pearls with you. If you see anything you like, please do feel free to comment and share! I would love to hear from all of you.

All my love,


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